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The Earth Renewal Moon (December 22 to January 19) position on the Native American Medicine Wheel is the first moon of the year and the moon of Waboose, Spirit Keeper of the North. This moon begins at the time of the winter solstice when Father Sun returns from his journey South and begins to bring the warmth that quickens growth in the Earth Mother and all her children. The mineral totem for the Earth Renewal Moon is the quartz crystal, the plant is the birch tree, and the animal is the Snow Goose. The color is white. The elemental clan influencing this position is the Turtle clan.

The Earth Renewal Moon teaches you to be as clear a receiver and transmitter of universal energy as the crystal, as important a communicator of the ancient knowledge as the birch tree, and as respectful of tradition and ritual as the snow goose. This is a position with the potential for great power. The Earth Renewal Moon teaches you to be fluid, yet proper in conduct as well as clear, adaptable, prudent, and wise. People in this position have keen vision, are good ceremonialists, and can take large steps in their personal evolution. Snow Goose people need to guard against becoming blocked, against using their enormous power incorrectly, and against being so perfectionist - they never have time for fun.


Snow Goose is the animal totem associated with Earth Renewal Moon. The Snow Goose, a beautiful white bird, has been called "goose from beyond the north wind" because of the direction these geese go when they migrate in the spring.

Some species of snow goose travel 5,000 miles each year, flying in a loose V pattern. The snow geese are very gregarious. It is not unusual to see 20,000 or 30,000 birds all stopping to eat at the same location. At their nesting grounds they show respect for tradition by allowing the experienced nesters to have the first choice of sites. Both goose and gander stay with the eggs.

Snow geese are nitpickers. They will spend hours picking mosquitoes or other insects off each other. Geese have much keener vision than humans do. The snow goose honks but when several thousand geese are approaching, the sound can be mistaken for anything from a pack of wild dogs to yapping coyotes.

Working with the snow goose can teach you about the creative mystery, the universal powers, tradition, perfection, stability, community, ceremony, vision, and evolution.


The Birch Tree is the plant associated with the Earth Renewal moon. Birch is one of the most ancient an abundant of trees. Native people used the bark for writing, The sap for syrup and a beverage, and the bark and leaves for teas and medicinal remedies. Placing the leaves on hot rocks in sweat baths creates a vapor that helps to cleanse the body and get rid of static electricity. Branches of the birch can bee bound together and used during sweats to thrash the body helping expel toxins. Birch makes a good tea to treat skin conditions, arthritis, rheumatism, kidney, bladder, and digestive problems. Birch brings knowledge of ancient traditions and lost wisdoms. It opens up all energies so that they flow well, thus helping your ability to transmit and receive the powers of the universe.


Quartz is the mineral totem associated with the Earth Renewal Moon. Although all forms of quarts can affect people passing through this position, the greatest effect comes from clear quarts crystals.

Quartz is a power stone. It is an amplifier, transmitter, and receiver of universal energy and it is helpful for transmitting healing energy. It strengthens psychic and prophetic abilities. Quartz crystal gives knowledge of your power and teaches caution in exercising it properly. It reminds you not to be too hard or rigid in your views and philosophies.

Crystals bring clarity and renewal on the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual levels. They energize and balance the chakras.