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The Freeze Up Moon (October 24 to November 21) position on the Native American Medicine Wheel is the middle of Mudjekeewis of the West. The stone honoring this time is placed midway between the western and northern stones in the outer circle of the Wheel. The mineral totems are copper and malachite, the plant is the thistle, and the animal is the snake. The color is orange and the Frog clan is the direct elemental influence.

Copper teaches people experiencing the Freeze Up Moon about how to focus their energies and malachite teaches them to be more sensitive to all energies. The thistle demonstrates healing abilities and versatility. The snake teaches adaptability and the capacity to silently travel to places others might fear to go. This is the position to learn how to travel between the different realms of creation and how to become a messenger for the spiritual aspects of life. The snake position will teach you about the extent of your own energy, and your keen sight. When working with the Freeze Up Moon you must be careful to keep yourself grounded and not to become too suspicious of people.


Snake is the animal totem associated with the Freeze Up Moon. The snake, or serpent, is that old, mysterious, maligned, and misunderstood member of the vertebrate family. In the world there are close to 2,500 species of snakes. In the United States there are 114.

Snakes are carnivorous, limbless reptiles with expandable jaws. They mostly eat small animals such as rats and frogs. They will also eat insects. Because of their dietary preferences, snakes are an essential part of the balance of nature. When man has wantonly murdered snakes rats and mice have usually overrun him.

Snakes are very adaptable to their environment and are exquisitely sensitive to touch and vibrations. They are cold blooded so depend on their environment for warmth and hibernate in winter. They can chance their color to blend with the land that surrounds them, and shed their skins. Snakes have no voice, but some hiss. Rattlesnakes buzz their rattles. Despite their reputation for being emotionless, the courtship of snakes can be a very warm affair. Most snakes, even those of the poisonous varieties, avoid humans and strike only in self-defense.

The snake was respected in most Native cultures. The feathered serpent, an ancient symbol to South and Central American tribes, represented justice and transformation. The Hopi people believe the snake is a messenger to and from other realms and has the power to bring the life-giving rains. The Ojibwa people have a Snake clan, which is a medicine clan. They believe the snake represents patience, because he is so slow to anger. Many Native peoples used the snake to represent the life energy that flows through humans. Snake is also a symbol of the feminine powers, and of healing.

Working with the snake can teach you about mystery, the realms of creation, deep transformation, the balance of nature, adaptability, sensitivity, communication, sexuality, regeneration, patience, self-defense, justice, healing, the feminine within you, and your own life force.


Thistle is the plant associated with the Freeze Up Moon. Thistle is both a healing and sustaining plant. All parts of the thistle are rich in minerals. The young stem or root of the thistle can be peeled and eaten raw or cooked. The fruit-like seeds can be eaten raw or roasted. Thistle tea is good for curing stomach and digestive problems, for reducing fever, expelling worms, increasing milk in nursing mothers, and strengthening internal organs. thistle is said to increase alertness and make the brain function with more activity. Thistle can aid you in understanding and working with the many different levels of reality.




Malachite and Copper are the minerals associated with the Freeze Up Moon. Copper is excellent for purifying the spirit and blood. It is a conductor of energies, spreading them evenly over a surface or person.

Copper fosters strength, power, balance, and the ability to understand your energy. It discourages weakness. It fosters healing for arthritis, rheumatism, stiffening of joints, and strengthening of the body, particularly if worn as a wrist or ankle bracelet.

Malachite has spiritual powers and raises a person's sensitivity to the voice of spirit. It increases receptivity to all forms of subtle energy and helps to cultivate your psychic powers.