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The Budding Trees Moon (March 21 to April 19) is the first moon of Wabun, Spirit Keeper of the East and occurs at the time of the spring equinox position on the Native American Medicine Wheel. The mineral totem for the Budding Trees Moon is the fire opal, the plant is the dandelion, and the animal is the red-tailed hawk. The color is yellow. The Thunderbird clan directly influences this position.

The fire opal can teach people in this position about the need for water - the emotions - in tempering their fiery energy. The dandelion can show them the advantages of taking root as well as flying. The red hawk can demonstrate the joy of freedom and of a long, clear view. The Budding Trees Moon will teach you about energy, intensity, catalyzing change, fearlessness, and optimism. Being in this position will show you your leadership ability, the enormity of your own spirit, and the extent of your clear-sightedness. People experiencing the Budding Trees Moon need to learn to channel their energies, contain their emotions, and be more patient with others.


Red-tailed Hawk is the animal totem associated with the Budding Trees Moon. The red-tailed hawk is the only hawk with a broad wing span and fan-shaped red tail. It is a large hawk, which has been called the chicken hawk by farmers who incorrectly feared the birds were stealing their poultry.

Red-tailed hawks are sometimes attacked by crows, magpies, owls, other hawks, and songbirds in territorial disputes. These attacks rarely end in injury. Red-tailed hawks can live to be fourteen years of age. They usually nest in tall trees, cacti, yuccas, or on the faces of cliffs. Both parents help raise the young. Ted-tailed hawks often return year after year the same nest. Hawks used to be found all over the United States. Now they live mainly in the western states, Mexico, and Canada. Red-tailed hawks are very adaptable and can survive almost anywhere man leaves them alone. Their voice in flight can sound like steam escaping from a kettle. Red-tailed hawks are magnificent fliers, especially during their mating dances.

Ted-tailed hawks are very special to Native people. Pueblo peoples referred to them as "red eagles" and felt that red-tailed hawks, like the eagle, had a special connection with the sky and the sun. Because hawks are high fliers who can see the earth clearly from their heights, their feathers were often used ceremonially to carry prayers to the sun and the Creator. Hawk feathers, as well as eagle, were also used in healing ceremonies. Southwestern people used them in ceremonies to pray for rain. To the Ojibwa, the Red-tailed Hawk clan was on of the leadership clans. Its members have the gifts of deliberation and foresight.

Working with the red hawk can teach you about adaptability, flying, survival, far-and clear-sightedness, prayer, leadership, deliberation, optimism, intensity, and openness.


Dandelion is the plant associated with the Budding Trees Moon. The dandelion is an herb with many uses. The root is good as a coffee substitute and herbal remedy as well as a cooking herb. The young dandelion leaves can be used in salads. Older leaves are a delicious cooked green. They are high in vitamins A, B, C, and G; calcium; phosphorus; iron; and natural sodium. Dandelion is soothing, relaxing, and mildly sedating. It can be used to cleanse all the eliminative organs of the body. Dandelion helps to purify and alkalize the bloodstream. It also helps to balance the blood sugar levels in the body. The ubiquitous dandelion can remind you of the necessity of exploration and experimentation in life. It can also show you the beauty of various stages of growth.


Fire Opal is the mineral associated with the Budding Trees Moon. The stone can connect a person with the powers of the sun, moon, and fire. It sparks energy and teaches about harnessing and utilizing the fire of the fife force.

Opal can be used to elicit intense mental, physical, and emotional energy so it is useful for alleviating sensations of lethargy and fatigue. It counteracts stagnation on all levels of life.

Opal enhances any existing qualities - positive or negative - within you and aids your ability to visualize or to journey into other realms of existence. Opal can assist you in understanding and healing problems having to do with your sexuality and your power.