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The Ducks Fly Moon (September 23 to October 23) is the first moon of Mudjekeewis, the Spirit keeper of the West and occurs at the time of the autumn equinox position on the Native American Medicine Wheel. The stone honoring this moon is placed one-quarter of the way, moving clockwise, between the southern and western stones. The mineral totem for this moon is jasper, usually of the bloodstone variety; the plant is the mullein; and the animal is the raven. The color is brown, and the elemental clan influencing this moon is the Butterfly clan.

From the jasper people experiencing this energy can learn how to draw both the earth and sun energy into their being and how to understand the messages of the heart. From the mullein they can learn about their abilities both to soothe and to irritate. From the raven they will gain understanding of their relationships with groups, and their ability to soar and dive. This is the position in which you can learn what balance truly is, even if you need to experience discomfort in order to do so. People experiencing the Ducks Fly Moon can teach how to show physical affection and how to be comfortable both in earth and sky. People experiencing the raven energy must be careful not to be totally indecisive, and so changeable they confuse even themselves.


Raven is the animal totem associated with the Ducks Fly Moon. The raven is usually an all black bird with a wedge-shaped tail that is often mistaken for the smaller crow. The raven is as large as a red hawk. Although ravens are found all over the world, in the United States they are most often found in the west. Their song is a loud croak.

Sometimes aggressive, ravens are most often wary. They are intelligent birds who know how to drop shellfish from the air in order to break the shells. They are omnivorous and capable of riding the winds with as much enjoyment as their hawk brothers. Ravens are both group oriented and very defensive of their territory. Some ravens pair for life. It is said these birds have tribal councils.

To Native peoples, ravens are considered birds of balance between man and nature. Almost all tribes have a legend about the raven explaining why he is black. In all of these legends the raven begins as a white bird whose color was changed either as a punishment for wrongdoing or because of danger undertaken in an effort to help man. This duality in the legends indicates the duality Native people feel about the raven. To some, the raven is a bad omen; to others, a good one. The Pueblo peoples connect the raven with the Kachina spirits. Ravens have been given credit both with bringing the dark clouds that yield the rain and with holding them away.


Mullein is the plant associated with the Ducks Fly Moon. This tall plant with its velvety-looking leaves is a versatile healer. Tea made from mullein is good for soothing mucous membranes and for strengthening the lungs, heart, bladder, kidney, and liver. Mullein helps to alleviate nervous conditions and is a general astringent. Used externally, the tea helps heal hemorrhoids, ulcers, tumors, swelling of the throat, and muscle tenderness. Oil made from mullein flowers has long been used for the ears, warts, bruises, sprains, and chapped skin. Mullein can teach you to explore the smooth and healing parts of your nature.



Jasper, particularly the bloodstone form, is the mineral associated with the Ducks Fly Moon. Also called heliotrope, bloodstone jasper is a stone that brings many blessings. It provides a positive grounding force and helps to harmonize a person with the earth's energy.

Jasper is purported to stop bleeding; make its owner invisible; insure a safe, long life; draw poison from a snakebite; restore eyesight; and bring rain, if placed in water. This stone is also believed to give power over bad spirits. Jasper both stimulates and clarifies a persons mental processes, allowing him to find balance on this plane of existence.