Past Life Regression Therapy

This form of Past Life Regression Therapy is designed specifically to be a "therapy", rather than a "tourist cruise". We are not interested who "Bob" was in a past life, or if our girlfriend used to be our uncle on our father's side in our last lifetime.

We are first of all identifying recurring patterns within this lifetime that are making life difficult, producing negative effects, or interfering with your health and well being. We then use what we have identified to seek out the beginning of this pattern for you. We utilize this pattern as the guide or vehicle as we journey into the past to find an experience that strongly typifies or is even the very origin of this problem. The beginning of this destructive pattern may or may not be located within this lifetime, we may find ourselves in a recent or not so recent past lifetime.

It has been discovered that when we find, identify, re-experience, etc. one of these patterns, it begins to lose its power and seems to diminish in recurrence and control in our lives. Simply put, when the origins of this pattern are seen and observed in proper perspective it no longer seems to overwhelm and control our life and behavior.

Past Life Regression Therapy must come with a warning. Within this process you must take a close look at your death in that previous life or lives where the pattern first occurred or became strongly reinforced. We gain tremendous insight and wisdom into the life lessons of that life and personality when we can view it from the perspective gained when that life is finished. This often is not a pleasant experience. We have lived many lifetimes and have died in a variety of ways. We may have played the life roles of both pleasant and unpleasant personalities. We have not become who we are now by never having made mistakes.

We must also take a look at those who agreed to help you with your chosen lessons in that life. We will meet and greet them in an after life and between life setting, where often we experience tremendous love, forgiveness and understanding of those who played very difficult roles for your benefit.

This entire process takes at least two hours. This session is experienced in a warm and safe atmosphere, and is not done with hypnosis. This is strictly a relaxed, guided, yet experiential meditation. You are fully awake and aware the entire time, as we are on a fact finding mission, and need to retrieve information and emotions. Time should be set aside before to mentally prepare, and plenty of time should be taken in a gentle home atmosphere afterward to give yourself a well deserved pampering and rest.

This is not always an easy experience, but it can have profound positive effects on our well being.

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