Digi-Ki is a method for hands-on healing where Ki energy is extended from the fingertips of the practitioner, and is channeled to the recipient or to oneself.

There is no attunement necessary to learn and practice Digi-Ki, as the Ki of the universe is abundant and easily accessible to everyone, regardless of age, sex, religious preference, or bodily strength. This healing Ki energy goes where our mind intends for it to go. We are human beings and have within our bodies, minds, and DNA patterns necessary for free and uninhibited flow of the Universal Life Force Energy. We may have developed blockages and restrictions to this uninhibited flow through belief systems, mental or physical habits, accidents or illness.

It is an easy matter to access and experience ones ability to extend this Ki energy. As we experience more and utilize this Ki energy more it develops a stronger flow, not only through our fingertips, but also throughout our whole body.

It is natural for us to have abundant Ki flowing through our bodies. I wish to emphasize this point, it is our natural state to have uninhibited Ki flow throughout our bodies. We do not have to believe in a certain religion. We do not have to perform difficult exercises, or maintain contorted or unnatural postures. It does not take years of study. It is simply our "natural state". If we are being (not acting) totally natural we have this Ki energy flowing through us already. If we have Ki (life force energy) we are alive, if we don't we are dead. If we have an insufficient amount, we may be sick. All illness, on any body level (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) is a blockage of this Ki energy. If we can use Digi-Ki, Reiki, or one of many other energy healing modalities to "prime the pump" in the area of this blockage we have made a giant step in returning the life giving energy to the areas effected. We have helped to reestablish the body's natural ability and desire to heal itself.

In Reiki classes we learn to channel the abundant Ki energy of the universe through our hand, mostly through the energy centers (minor chakras) in our palms. In Digi-Ki we channel this same energy through the fingertips, allowing us to concentrate this strong flow of Ki into a smaller area, and often reaching deeper into the immediate tissues.

Digi-Ki is especially good for softening tense muscles, where a slight pressure combined with the channeled Ki flow often makes the tension melt beneath our fingers within seconds. The benefit here is simple and obvious. Tension is a blockage causing body fluids, Ki energy, and nerve impulses all to be restricted. Headaches are often caused by tense muscles in the shoulders or neck area, produced by stress from work or exercise. A simple application of Digi-Ki to these muscles quickly returns the blood and energy flow to the head. Often headaches can be relieved in minutes, even by self-treatment.

Similar to procedures in Reiki, we do not "diagnose", which is a legally the province of the government regulated areas of more traditional medicine. But, there are simple and reasonable methods of determining where to concentrate our application of Ki energy. Our body's most basic indication that something is amiss is pain. If it hurts, something is the matter. We may not even be consciously aware that something hurts until we start poking around. This can be true on body levels other than the physical, which is often the last to manifest symptoms from blockages in other areas. If we are aware of our bodies, and how they feel, we will find that they are communicating a wealth of information of where they may need attention. If we are giving a Digi-Ki session for a client, we may follow a routine similar to the step by step process for a full body session, to discover where there may be pain or blockages. If you are already aware of some of the basic acupuncture points and energy meridians on the body, you may discover that these are commonly where blockages occur. If you are not familiar with these locations, you can rely on the pain equals problem approach.

There are several other simple methods for discovering blockages. If you feel a lump or tense area in a muscle that usually indicates a blockage. If an area feels a bit cold it probably indicates lack of circulation and needs attention. If an area feels warmer than surrounding areas, it could indicate inflammation, infection, or an indication that the body is already attempting to do some healing in the area. If you are familiar with the body scanning methods used in Therapeutic Touch, you can also use these to help you find problem areas. Be aware that with any of these methods, you are not attempting to "diagnose", but rather locating symptoms of blockages. If we allow ourselves to form an opinion as to "diagnosis" or the ultimate cause of any symptom, we are tainting and restricting the uninhibited Ki flow to this person or situation. There is no place for our ego within healing situations. We should always intend and remember that Ki energy comes through us not from us. It is imperative that we become a clear channel (a hollow reed) for this healing energy.

Sometimes we will be giving Digi-Ki or Reiki to a loved one that we have a strong emotional charge for, and understandable desire for their return to good health. We must take special care in these situations, that we start the session, and maintain throughout this session, the realization that we are here to channel this energy through us and not from us. We do have our own personal supply of Ki that we use for ourselves, and replenish when we sleep. We can inadvertently deplete our personal supply of Ki through our strong desire to see a loved on return to their good health or relieve their suffering. You must use your love and desires in this situation to add energy to your intention to be a clear channel for a more abundant Ki flow through you from the Universe. We can help more by not getting in our way.

Perhaps the most common blockage for any of your four body levels is tension. You will come to notice that Reiki and Digi-Ki go a long way to promote relaxation, the opposite of tension. Whole books have been, and will be written about stress, tension, and relaxation. It is obvious that we know very little about relaxation and most of us don't have a clue how to relax. We even have fears that if we relax too much, someone may get ahead of us in some way. There is a billion-dollar industry built around selling us the medicine to chemically force us to relax.

Most people experience Reiki and Digi-Ki sessions as extremely relaxing. Digi-Ki maybe less so, because we are often discovering painful areas that are being induces into relaxation by a combination of gentle pressure and Ki flow. I find that clients will often fall asleep during a Reiki or Digi-Ki session. There may be other reasons for this other than the mere fact of relaxation on different body levels. We may have conscious, subconscious, or unconscious belief systems built up that may need to be by passed to Ki energy to get to some deeper level. I feel that our Higher Self will often put us to sleep when we have reached on of these areas. People will often go in and out of sleep several times during a healing session as this need arises.

A necessary ingredient for any healing modality to truly be successful is for the client to participate in their healing process. A blockage occurs for a reason. We have been living within a certain energy environment, whether this environment is internal or external. We have also been interpreting our environment in a certain way. If we are manifesting a symptom that may be brought about by a condition that is not life enhancing, we must be willing to participate in changing that condition or our interpretation of it. People often expect their doctor or other healer to fix or remove the problem from our bodies without being willing to take a look at what may have brought about the condition. If we remove the symptom without changing the underlying factors we will surely manifest the same or other symptoms down the road. In ancient times the healer would make the diagnosis, then make recommendations for changes in life style or attitude. A week or two later the person was diagnosed again to see if they had indeed demonstrated a willingness to implement the necessary changes in their life or life style, then the healer would proceed with the healing session.

As I have stated, it is our natural state to have abundant and unrestricted flow of Ki through our body systems. It is also natural for us to be able to extend this energy to others when needed. Our natural state is to be one with or in harmony with the universe.

Four Basic Principals of Coordination of Mind and Body

Harmony with the Universe

Koichi Tohei, through observation and experience, developed four principals of mind and body that are necessary to be at one with the universe and have this abundant Ki flow throughout our body. Those principals are as follows:

Keep One-Point

To keep One-Point means to coordinate your mind and body by settling your mind at a single spot in the lower abdomen. "Ningen banji wa hara da," means that everything depends on whether one has the guts for it or not. From ancient times, the importance of settling one's mind at the "Seika Tanden," an area below the navel, was emphasized. However, if one tries to settle his mind at the "Tanden," he will find himself tensing at the lower abdomen. This is clearly a mistake. It is correct to concentrate your mind at the "Seike no Itten" or the single spot in the lower abdomen, which we refer to as the "One-Point." Develop an immovable mind to attain an immovable body.

Relax Completely

To relax completely means to calm yourself and let your strength settle down in its proper place. If you do not know where to settle your strength, you would not know how to relax completely. The place to settle your strength is at your One-Point. Only after you have settled your mind at the One-Point will you be able to settle your strength at the One-Point.

Weight Underside

Weight underside means to lower the center of gravity of every part of your body as low as possible at a given position so that the center of gravity of your entire body is at the most stable and balanced position. If you relax completely, you will naturally lower your center of gravity to the lowest point.

Extend Ki

Extension of Ki means the state when your mind becomes one or in harmony with the spirit of the universe or nature, and your Ki becomes one with the Ki of nature. This becomes possible only when you are completely relaxed and your canter of gravity has naturally settled at the lowest possible point. This posture is called, the "Shizentai", the natural posture. The Ki of the universe must be pouring into your body and your Ki should be pouring out from your body into the universe. In other words, the Ki of the universe and your Ki must circulate freely without interference. This condition is simply called, "Extension of Ki."

The four basic rules we have mentioned here are synonymous. They can not be separated from each other. If you master one of them, you will naturally master the other three. However if you lose one of them, you will lose them all.


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