We are being told from many sources that the overall consciousness of earth's population has reached a point in evolution that is above many previous expectations, especially considering our history. Because of this change in consciousness, vibrational awareness and understanding we have been given several new tools, energy technologies, and healing modalities to utilize for our further development. This may not be the only reason that new tools have arrived on this plane at this time. Considering the desperateness of our situations; wars, politics, earth shift, environmental pollution, etc. it is probable that we are being given divine help as our last, best hope. The Internet is full of new age gadgets and healing modalities. Our hardest job now is to put on the hip boots and wade through them, to sort fact from fiction, truth from falsehood, and reality from wishful thinking.

I have discovered one of these new healing modalities that truly resonate with me, and I feel it is of the highest importance to share this information with others. It is called "Infinite Energy Rays."

I did not discover Infinite Energy Rays until I had come to a strong inner realization that anything is possible. When we are ready, the teacher will appear. My experience of the Infinite Energy Rays has definitely reinforced that realization.

My information on the origin of the Infinite Energy Rays is still scant, but I will share what I have. They were recently channeled (within the last ten years), by a woman who lived in Tacoma, WA. She may have lived in California when the channeling was actually done. (If anyone knows has further information or corrections of these facts, please email me promptly).

These 64 distinct rays were shown to her, and given to us from the archangel realms and various ascended masters (St. Germaine, Kwan Yin, Archangel Michael, Metetron, Serapis Bey, and many more). They each have a different vibration and thus a different feel when giving or receiving them.

In the beginning was the "Word". The "Word" was sound, light, or vibration. The whole universe is vibration. Herbs, Homeopathy, chemical medicine, Reiki, and others work as vibration. They work precisely because their vibration is tuned to coincide with what is needed to promote healing. Sometimes the vibration is to counteract something discordant, and sometimes is "like heals like." The 64 separate rays give 64 separate vibrational patterns, but they can be mixed in varying degrees producing "infinite" possible variations of tuned vibration. Lucky for us, we do not have to diagnose or know exactly what vibration is needed. We can call upon a higher power to mix them in precisely the correct amounts appropriate for each case or client.

Many people are familiar with Reiki, which has now gained wide acceptance in the medical community. We know that it relieves stress, and promotes relaxation and healing in general, on all body levels including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The sensation most often reported by someone receiving Reiki is a feeling of heat coming from the practitioner's hands, often far beyond what would be expected by a normal warm human touch. Each of the Infinite Rays has a different feel. Some may be warm, some cool, some felt as a buzzing, and one even feels much like a washing machine agitator. Mixed together in different proportions, an infinite variety of sensations are possible. They can be called upon by number, by name, or mixed upon request.

If we consider that the energy from Reiki is a generic "loving" energy that is good for nearly everything, and always promotes harmony and healing, we have something a little different in the Infinite Energy Rays. They are specifically tuned rather than overall generic. Medical science has a term called "Magic Bullet" it applies to some of the new "designer drugs" that target certain maladies. These rays have the ability to target the necessary condition or need.

If someone is at all familiar with feeling the subtle energies of something like Reiki, it becomes extremely validating to feel the difference between some of the Infinite Energy Rays. My demo of these Rays consists of giving a couple of minutes of a particular Ray, then switching to another, then another. With a couple of minutes of each, and a verbal call for a switch to the next ray the distinctions become quite clear.

The physical application of the Infinite Energy Rays is quite similar to that of Reiki. The same hand positions are used (unless intuitively guided to proceed otherwise). Absentee healing is also a major benefit and similarity to Reiki.

I strongly recommend that one has already completed Level II Reiki, before being attuned to the Infinite Energy Rays. This is mainly to benefit from the experience of having already channeled subtle energies, familiarity with distance healing, and hand positions.

Reiki attunements can also be a good reference for what to expect with the Infinite Energy Ray attunement process. Reiki attunements take a few minutes, can be quite an amazing experience and life changing. The Infinite Energy Ray attunement takes from two to three hours. This is a very deep and thorough renewal process that can be pleasant, emotional and exhilarating. If you have already been Reiki attuned, you will find your Reiki energy is vastly increased.

One of my favorite New Age sayings is: "Your are limited only by your imagination." The application of these Rays, on illness, emotional trauma, charging water to create your own medicines, etc. is truly limitless. You get the idea. "Infinite".

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