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The Corn Planting Moon (May 21 to June 20) is the third moon of Wabun, the Spirit Keeper of the East. The stone representing this moon is placed three quarters of the way between the eastern and southern stones in the outer circle of the Medicine Wheel. The mineral totem for the Corn Planting Moon is the moss agate. The plant totem is the yarrow, and the animal is the deer. The colors are green and white, and the elemental influence is from the Butterfly clan.

The moss agate teaches people in this position to clearly see their link with the mineral and plant kingdoms. The yarrow teaches about both cleansing and strengthening. The deer demonstrates the beauty of grace and quick movement. This position teaches about beauty in yourself, in others, and in your environment and teaches about your own healing abilities. This position will point out any cutting edges in your personality, the necessity of balancing time and energy, and your ability to create. People experiencing the deer position need to learn to be more consistent, less suspicious, and more willing to show some of their own deep feelings.


Deer is the animal totem associated with the Corn Planting Moon. The deer is sensitive, graceful, and alert creature. His beauty brings joy to all that see him.

Despite some differences in size and habit among different species of deer, they all tent to range between two and four feet at the shoulder and between 50 and 400 pounds. Deer have a bleating voice but snort when excited, squeal when under attack or in pain, and sometimes have a special bleat with which to call their fawns. The fawns of all deer are spotted when they are born, to camouflage them. Fawns are also born without a scent to afford them greater protection. Bucks have sets of antlers they lose and regenerate every year.

Deer live in herds, or in small groups with others of their own sex, except during the mating season when otherwise friendly bucks will fight using their now fully-grown antlers. After mating season an older doe usually leads the herd for the winter. In the spring the does give birth, often to twins or even triplets. Multiple births sometimes cause overpopulation. Cougars, coyotes, dogs, bears, bobcats, forest fires, humans, and automobiles are the killers of deer. It is estimated that more than 400,000 deer are killed annually in the United States on highways and other roads.

Deer were very important part of the circle of life for many Native peoples. They provided staple food for a number of tribes who would honor the deer's gift through ceremonies, dances, and prayers.

To some tribes, notably the Huichol in Mexico, the deer was the most important of animals. The Huichol believe the deer represents the heart and is the gatekeeper to the spirit world. The Deer Dance is the most sacred dance for the Huichol, one that helps them pierce the veil between worlds.

Working with the deer can teach you about adaptability, camouflage, grace, beauty, speed, healing, sensitivity, alertness, creativity, your heart energy, and your connection with Spirit.


Yarrow is the plant associated with the Corn Planting Moon. The whole plant can be used medicinally. Yarrow is terrific as a tonic and strengthener. It has been used with good results for digestive tract disturbances and as a blood cleanser. Yarrow is an herb that helps conquer the common cold and brings relief to flu sufferers. It is a good diuretic and opens pores and helps to eliminate toxins through the skin. Yarrow is excellent for stopping bleeding and is a primary herb used to alleviate menstrual cramps. Externally, yarrow acts as a local anesthetic and disinfectant. It also helps relieve mosquito bite, itch, and toothache. Yarrow also aids the lungs, glands, and bronchial tubes. Being around yarrow can help you discover the healing powers that flow through you, as well as your inner strength.


Moss AgateMoss Agate is the mineral associated with the Corn Planting Moon. Moss agate is an overall healing stone that brings balance to all parts of the body. It is especially beneficial to the eyes.

Moss agate has been used in rainmaking ceremonies. It is a stone that can be used to help create a bridge between the mineral, animal, and human kingdoms. It can help you to remove the boundaries between your own mental and emotional bodies. Moss agate helps you to find truth and courage within, even in difficult circumstances. It can aid in alleviating depression, enhance your ability to dream, and ground and energize you.