Chi Tao  (Energy Way)

Chi Tao means Energy Way. This is the study of how energy flows within our body and within the Universe, with special emphasis on how we access and direct that energy. Life force energy pervades the whole Universe and is called by many names; Ki (Japanese), Chi (Chinese), Prana (Indian) etc. It is abundant in every area of the Universe and is freely accessible to everyone.

There are innumerable teachings around this energy and how to access it, the most recently popular is Reiki. I have made a study of many religions and philosophies, and of course have found many similarities in the teachings and presentations of how we as humans relate to and access this life giving energy. Not surprisingly, one of the similarities among these different perspectives on this essential, universal and free energy is that it has always been a rather complicated and difficult to connect with this energy.

I have had the good fortune to be blessed with teachers of great wisdom and integrity, and have come to know and can demonstrate that accessing this energy is the easiest and most natural thing we can do. This is Universal Life Force Energy, meaning it is everywhere and freely accessible to all.

Chi Tao is primarily a martial art, because it allows for a direct experience of this energy and a natural growth through it's many possibilities. This is a martial art for the New Age, a respectful self defense that conforms to spiritual truths and our new awareness of the unity and oneness of all things. There are no hits or kicks or blocks in this martial art. We use the extreme situations of self defense to help us observe the movement of Chi in others, and it's availability to us in our daily lives. We learn through experience that through oneness with the natural ways of harmony with the Universe we can access unlimited energy. We discover that harmony and unrestricted Chi flow is our natural state of being,

Of course the natural extension of learning to use this "Chi" or "Ki" energy in our daily lives is to use it for healing ourselves and others.

I have also chosen to continue to teach other modalities of accessing this energy. There are many ways to say the same thing and many people with different ways of listening. To achieve communication, there must be an agreed upon language or vocabulary. Perhaps among these pages, you will find something that speaks to you.


Reiki is a Japanese word, which means "Universal Life Energy". Reiki is a natural healing art, which balances the body's energy, giving it permission and support to heal itself. Reiki is a safe and nurturing healing modality technique that can bring about profound results. Reiki is not a religion, and fits comfortably into any belief system. Reiki is a spiritual form of energy work, creating balance on all levels. A Reiki treatment is a hands on, non-manipulative transfer of energy through, not from, the practitioner's hands to the receiver.

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Digi-Ki is hands on bodywork that does not require a formal attunement to practice. It utilizes the same "Ki" energy as in the practice of Reiki, except the energy flows out through minor chakras in the fingers and thumbs of the practitioner, allowing for deep muscle softening and more concentrated applications.

Infinite Energy Rays

As the overall consciousness of mankind continues to expand at such a rapid rate, we will know greater and greater revelations. Infinite Energy Rays may be the most advanced alternative healing system yet offered. A quantum leap in energy healing. The 64 Infinite Energy Rays each contain 24 levels and 6 subsets in each level. That multiplies out to 9,216 distinct frequencies of healing energy. Each ray has a different description, feel and function. When used in combination, these rays provide infinite capabilities.


Exodus is a sacred dance of Oneness, orchestrated through Spirits, and Physical Pleiadian, Angel and Archangel form. The Exodus form draws on the available Celestial energy of the Archangel realm of the Christ Consciousness and the visitation presence of the Pleiadian domain. These energies working together ignite the grid program of the soul's blueprint to marry to its cellular memory within each cell of the physical being. The body becomes its own thorough pharmacy, learning to heal and entirely maintain all aspects of health on this planet. Reflecting attitudes and disciplines from nearly a dozen forms evolved over the centuries, the Exodus System focuses finally on the body's ability to completely manage itself in all aspects of evolution.

Harmonic Synchronistic Attunement

  • Integrating the breath of life into every cell.
  • Reversing degeneration and aging.
  • Restoring the universal Rhythm within the body.
  • Bringing the spiritual Essence of your being back to life.
  • Entraining the body to move from the heart and soul.
  • Releasing rigidity and limitation.
  • Activating the Fountain of Youth.
  • Transforming your body.
  • Awakening your potential to transform your world.

It is unlike and beyond other forms of bodywork. It is not something being done to another; it is awakening the joy and the healing.

Merkaba Meditation

This daylong workshop provides a brief overview of the Sacred Geometry and Flower of Life wisdom as taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek. You will learn to create your own Merkaba (light vehicle) through a series of 17 breaths. This powerful Merkaba Meditation Technique has nearly unlimited potential for healing, integrating higher self, and transformation. It also provides the vehicle of ascension to the higher dimensions as the Earth moves toward its shift in frequency and dimension.

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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression is done as a therapy for finding and resolving behavior patterns that are interfering with your present life situation. Through relaxation and surrender-heightened awareness we discover the origins of these patterns which no longer serve your highest good. We look at what lessons were learned and who helped us with these lessons, what our relationship is with these people and situations, and how this may impact our present life and spirituality. Please be aware that we must necessarily take a look at how you may have died in a pertinent past life. This may not be a pleasant experience, but is an extremely powerful therapeutic tool for transformation, and spiritual progress. As we discover the origins and meanings of dysfunctional patterns, they often seem to lose their power and control, and cease to distort our present lives.

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