About Michael Phelan

Recently my wife, Maria, & I  moved to Bandon on the south coast of Oregon. As a native Oregonian, it feels especially good to be back in Oregon. We think we will like this area very much. We moved here from Upstate New York where I worked as a Computer Graphics Artist. I spent nearly seven years living in upstate New York. I had the opportunity to learn from several amazing individuals in the area. I also had the privilege to facilitate many classes and workshops in several energy healing modalities.

My workshops consist of various hands-on healing techniques, meditation techniques, and other spiritually related presentations. My opinion is that current healing techniques including Reiki have been too expensive and presented as being more complicated than they really are. "Universal Life Force Energy" is freely abundant to everyone and easily accessible. I tailor all my presentations to be affordable, easily understandable and experiential. My life has seemed to be a running set of circumstances designed to present me with basic truths about life and spirituality that I have now begun to share with others. What follows is a quick overview of some life experiences that provided me with the wondrous insights that I am sharing.

One morning I walked out of my house with the intent to follow my head/heart and see what the Universe provided. I found myself walking into a library, walking down a middle isle, turning to my left and pointing to a book on the shelf about eye level. The title on the book was "This is It". This was my introduction to Alan Watts, who is still my favorite author. This was also my first introduction to Oriental thought, philosophy, and religion. It quickly captured my both my heart and my mind.

I became an ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church in 1969, even at a time when my inner guidance was telling me this was a time to be a student rather than a teacher.

I joined the Self-Realization Fellowship to study Yoga Meditation from the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of "Autobiography of a Yogi". I tried hard to do the exercises and meditations but found them extremely challenging for my undisciplined nature. Then the universe provided me with a missing piece.

I began to study a martial art called Aikido. In the words of the Maharishi, "We are 100% physical and 100% spiritual". I found that Aikido also fit this philosophy. In the middle of my 5-year intensive study, the martial art of Aikido went through a major philosophical and political split. I found myself involved with the branch of Aikido that emphasized Ki over technique. The purpose was to become unified with the Ki of the universe through mind and body coordination. The word Aikido translates as "the Road to Union with Ki".

I lived and studied in Portland Oregon, and attended special workshops in Portland, Seattle, Los Angels, and San Francisco, taught by the World Chief Instructor in this branch of Aikido, Koichi Tohei. We practiced being attacked by several people while working out on a cold February northern Oregon beach. We stood under a waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge in the middle off the cold January winter. We were also taught hands-on healing techniques called Kiatsu that utilized this same Ki energy we used in the arts of Aikido. I was starting to become aware of human possibilities, and more and more familiar with how the energy of the universe worked.

In 1980 and '81 I attended Mt. Hood Community College near Portland to study Fine Art, Graphic Art, and Psychology. I began an attempt to visually represent some of the principles of Aikido philosophy. I discovered that my Fine Art Professor, Howard Newfeld, was already deeply involved in visually depicting his explorations of sacred geometry, the golden mean rectangle in particular.

A few years later during my studies of "A Course in Miracles" the universe provided me with another of those experiences that often give that needed boost to the next level. I discovered Holotropic Breathwork, a therapy modality developed by Stanislov Grof. This method utilized breath, and rhythms, and bodywork to alter consciousness, and transform lives for the better. I spent nearly four years doing as many sessions as I could afford of this very powerful emotional-body cleansing therapy. During this time I was also given the opportunity to do a firewalk. This turned out to be another major transforming experience. Walking barefoot on 1800 hot coals, gave me unique opportunity to face my fears. I also had my first experience of hearing a clear voice from my Higher Self, when I stood at the head of the coals and asked if I should "Walk". I was really beginning to realize that "anything is possible".

I began a study of Native American Spirituality, and found an amazingly deep and varied tapestry of information and experience. I learned about the Native American Medicine Wheel, and built my own Medicine Wheel in the back woods of northwestern Oregon. This is another long story and was a deeply moving process. I returned to my love of art and began to specialize in Animal Totem paintings on Drums at local drumming circles. I was even privileged to paint on the large Inner Council Sacred Drum for the local Cherokee Tribe near Longview, Washington.

In 1994 I became a Reiki Master. In 1995 I became an Exodus Instructor, was attuned to Infinite Energy Rays, and trained in Past-life Regression Therapy.

In 1996 I moved to Albany, New York and began to teach/share what I had learned. In August of 1997, Wolf Creek Productions was born: graphic arts, fine arts and healing arts. I give my heart felt thanks and appreciation to Maria for her support, understanding, creative input, and tireless work. Hopefully her astrology page will soon be forthcoming.

I became convinced of the "Truth" that all my studies had shown me: "Universal Life Force" (Chi, Ki, Prana) is indeed universal, and accessible to all. Not only was every religion and teaching pointing to the same truth, but also this truth was much simpler than most teachings were presenting. So in 1998 Chi Tao (energy way) was born. Chi Tao was to be the synthesis of each truth and experience the universe had shown me, pointing to the ultimate fact that it is quite simple and easy to "Simply Heal".

I designed workshops in Reiki, Ki Fingers, Merkaba Meditation, Exodus, Native American Medicine Wheels, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Infinite Energy Rays. The theme of each workshop points to the central truth of simplicity, and accessibility.