Sacred Geometry

Before our fall in consciousness over thirteen thousand years ago, the geometric energy fields around our bodies used to spin at close to the speed of light, but have since slowed and stopped spinning. When this field is re-activated and spinning, it's called a Merkaba, a counter-rotating field of light that affects spirit and body simultaneously.

The Merkaba Meditation Technique as given to us by Drunvalo Melchizedek is a very powerful tool for transition, healing, manifestation, and ascension. Utilizing an understanding of Divine Love and Sacred Geometry we learn to re-activate these fields of energy around our body, giving birth to our personal Merkaba (time and dimensional vehicle). According to Drunvalo, "its usefulness in this Reality is unparalleled. It gives us expanded awareness of who we are, connects us with higher levels of consciousness (including our higher self), and restores memory of the infinite possibilities of our Being."

This Merkaba gives us ultimate protection as Earth goes through its changes, as well as strengthening all aspects of one's life. The Merkaba is activated through an ancient way of breathing and meditation originally taught in the Egyptian Mystery School. Through Love, breath and mudras (hand positions) can remember how to turn on or restart our Merkaba - actually spin the geometric energy fields surrounding our body.

An introduction to Sacred Geometry, the geometric language of Creation, is used to understand the form and purpose of these energy fields around our bodies, and enables us to envision and experience their movement. I present a minimal introduction to this information in my Merkaba Meditation Workshop, as thorough research into this subject could take a lifetime. I present what I believe is the most necessary to begin to practice the meditation itself.

If you have a basic understanding of this information and a grasp of these shapes and concepts then please follow this link to the Merkaba Meditation Technique page. I highly recommend that you take the workshop to be sure of your understanding of the foundations of this work, and techniques for opening the heart chakra to the true feeling of unconditional love used in generating the energy fields of this Merkaba. I provide this information as a reference, and because it is on the NET in several other places. But again, this technique will be much more effective and productive with the proper groundwork and understanding.

Because these energetic fields are internally produced using "Divine Love", our Merkaba field generates tremendous potential for healing and manifestation. As Earth Changes occur and shifts to the 4th dimension, our Merkaba vehicle may become essential for retaining our memory patterns as Earth loses it's magnetic fields.

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