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Exodus is a recently channeled Pleiadian revelation, a gift and a cutting edge advancement in Energy Work.

  • Exodus is for those who have chosen to dedicate their lives to personal growth, spiritual enlightenment and to healing themselves on the emotional, mental, spiritual & physical levels.

  • Exodus practitioners open a Portal Of Energy identified as the "Portal Of Eternal Wisdom", where multitudes of Ancient & New Healing Modalities can be accessed, thus creating the environment for optimum results for the individual who chooses to experience Exodus.

  • Exodus integrates the Blueprint of the Soul into your individual cells, reawakening full cellular memory and rehabilitating your 12 strand DNA, which activates your Internal Pharmacy so YOU can heal yourself on ALL levels.

Exodus is a very multidimensional healing modality. This is a relatively new arrival in its present state, and is divided into three distinct forms or manifestations. These presentations are a remarkable synthesis of at least eleven separate healing modalities that have been in use in various cultures over thousands of years. Each of these forms involves close participation and assistance from the Archangel and Pleiadian realms.


Mini Exodus Form

The Mini Exodus Form is primarily a condensed version of the Basic Exodus Form, designed as a quick diagnosis and tune up of someone's energy field and etheric blueprint. It is used just before presenting the Master Exodus Form to a client as a double check of their readiness for the Master Exodus Form. The Mini Exodus Form is also used as a demonstration to interested parties or potential clients in a festival or New Age Fair setting, where it is really not conducive or appropriate to perform the entire Basic Exodus Form. It is necessary to have total environmental control for facilitating and experiencing the Basic and Master Exodus Forms. This form is extremely useful for a general tune up, or for repair of recent energetic or emotional trauma due to drug, alcohol, accident or strong emotional experiences. Even this abbreviated form of Exodus can have profound effects.


Basic Exodus Form

The client lies on a massage table or comfortable bed, and preferably using an eye pillow to promote an inward journey with minimal distraction. After an opening prayer and mental preparations for both facilitator and client, there begins a specific series of energetic clearings, adjustments, and focused intent, culminating in the manifestation of the particular clients "Soul Blueprint Grid" above their body as they lie on the table. Some of these procedures are as follows:

  • Straightening the Hara line
  • Implant clearing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Spinning North & South Star Tetrahedron
  • Menenjial clearing
  • Light Needle Application
  • Connecting Acupuncture Points with Manifested Grid Meridians

Then using specific toning techniques, visualization, and Reiki symbol application the grid is then lowered and reintegrated into the client's energetic being. This can have a profound effect on a person's health and emotional well being. My own experience was a retrospective awareness of having been extremely fractured and disoriented in relative comparison to my sense of self and purpose after this Basic Exodus Form experience.


Master Exodus Form

It is highly recommended to wait at least three weeks between receiving the Basic Exodus Form and experiencing the Master Exodus Form. Because of the nature of the Exodus experience and the strength of effects, there is a period of integration required. This is a powerful and wide-ranging energetic healing modality and should be undertaken in conjunction with special attention to diet and proper rest.

It is also highly recommended to do a quick tune up using the Mini Exodus Form to check for any energy slippage, especially around the Soul Star area, before proceeding to the Master Exodus Form.

The Master Exodus Form is a dual Shamanic Journey through time, space and dimension, guide along by the facilitator. This journey includes a trip to the caves beneath the prayer Kivas of Chitsanitsa to find the clients personal Mandala to be used in opening the fourth dimensional doorway in the Great Pyramid. The client then journeys in their Merkaba to meet their Cosmic Family to receive personal greetings and instructions.

There is much more to this Shamanic journey that is often unique to each individual and their needs. It is quite an impressive journey.

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